Grading Requirements

Ulster Karate Association




Grade examinations shall take place at least twice a year, in December and in May/June.

  • Students must have been given sufficient time to prepare for grading.
  • Instructors must give themselves sufficient time to teach the syllabus.
  • Club members must be made aware of the dates of grading.
  • Only the Ulster Karate Association Grading Syllabus shall be used for the purpose of Grade examinations.
  • All students wishing to go for grading must hold an in-date Ulster Karate Association licence, in-date insurance and pay the appropriate fee.
  • Candidates must have a class attendance record of not less than 80%.
  • Students sitting 3rd kyu and above grade examinations, in addition to the requirements of the Ulster Karate Association Grading Syllabus must also complete the fitness test as laid down and also have a record of achievement in karate competition.
  • In addition to the above, Senior students (17yrs +) sitting 1st Kyu and above grade examinations must hold a valid First Aid Certificate, have attended a recognized Child Protection Course and have attended a Ulster Karate Council Referee Course.
  • Senior Dan grades must also hold a recognised Judge/Referee qualification, a recognised Coach qualification and possess Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Grade examinations may take place outside the above dates on an exceptional basis only.

Minimum standard to be attained is as follows: –


GRADE     8 + 7th kyu   6 + 5 + 4th kyu  3 + 2 + 1st kyu
JUNIOR     50% to pass      60% to pass     70% to pass
SENIOR     55% to pass      65% to pass     75% to pass


Student Licence, application form and Grading fee must be forwarded to the Ulster Karate Association c/o 9 Beechwood Grove Beechill Rd Belfast BT8 4UR for registration 2 weeks prior to the event.

It is recognised as being very difficult to attain grades if students are not in regular class & competition.



  • The chief instructor only will conduct all Grade examinations. All those wishing to go for 3rd kyu and above must inform the chief instructor 6 months in advance.
  • All those wishing to sit a Dan grade examination must discuss this with the Chief Instructor at least one year in advance.

No one should be entered for 3rd kyu and above Gradings without a satisfactory competition record.

Gradings of 3rd kyu and above will include a fitness test, which is: –

UKA Fitness test requirements for all people grading 3rd kyu and above.
Age U14yrs Age 14-U17yrs Age 17yrs +
Run 1.3mls 2.3mls 2.3mls
Press-ups 100 150 250
Star –jumps 100 150 250
Sit-ups 100 150 250
Time Allowed                                  45 minutes


  • Fees are as follows: –





8 £5.00 £10.00
7 £6.00 £12.00
6 £7.00 £15.00
5 £8.00 £16.00
4 £9.00 £17.00
3 £10.00 £18.00
2 £11.00 £19.00
1 £12.00 £20.00


Dan grade will cost Junior £25.00 & Senior £50.00.


Terence P. Boyle 6th Dan WadoRyu.

Chief Instructor, Ulster Karate Assoc.

WKC Referee Commission Member.

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