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The Ulster Karate Association (UKA) teaches traditional WadoRyu karate. It has a long tradition of technical excellence and is the most successful group of clubs in

N Ireland in terms of championship successes. It has produced N Ireland, All Ireland, British, European & World Champions in both Kata (forms), and Kumite (fighting).

For many years now its members have made up a considerable part of the N Ireland Karate Squad/Team.

The Ulster Karate Association was formed in 1981 and has/had clubs in L’Derry, Ballybofey, Dromore, Belfast, Holywood and Carrickfergus, City of Belfast YMCA, Larne and its latest club Antrim.

UKA is open to everyone (aged 5yrs upwards) wishing to learn WadoRyu karate. WadoRyu is the 2nd most practised karate style in the world today. Many students from other clubs and styles attend UKA clubs by arrangement and are most welcome.

  • Those attending UKA clubs on a regular basis must take out an Ulster Karate Association Licence & Insurance and will be asked to show documentary evidence of their grade from their previous federation.
  • They will also be asked to demonstrate their knowledge of karate to the Chief Instructor to support the grade quoted.
  • All club members must train for the UKA Gradings (examinations), to assist the syllabus can be downloaded from the website.
  • All club members must get the permission of the Chief Instructor (through the club instructor) to enter a tournament, training session or any other activity not directly organised by the UKA/UKC/WKC. Failure to do so is contrary to the policy of UKA and will invalidate insurance cover and may terminate membership.
  • All clubs teach the recognised World WadoRyu syllabus including Kumite and Kata.

UKA is affiliated to the Ulster Karate Council and The World Karate Confederation and works with Sport N Ireland, Coaching NI and the N Ireland Sports Forum and subscribes to the Ulster Karate Council CP policy.

UKA promotes character building through the teaching of maxims such as:

Character perfection; Sincerity; Effort & Endeavour; Respect for others & Self-control.

There are an estimated 50,000,000 people practising Karate today.

It has been proven that the practice of Karate has many benefits such as:

  • Increase in confidence and self worth
  • Discipline
  • Improvement in health and fitness
  • Achievement
  • Increase in social skills
  • Increase in attention span
  • Reduction in bullying


Karate classes take place throughout the year and generally mirror the school terms.

Gradings (examinations), usually take place at Christmas time and summertime.

Class fees are paid in advance and are for a specific number of classes.

Licence & Insurance:

All students must have a Licence & person-to-person insurance to practice Karate. The Licence & Insurance is provided by UKA with the insurance underwritten by Sun Alliance Insurance Company. The UKA Licence shall record the student’s record of membership and achievement and remains the property of the UKA. The Licence & Insurance must be produced to enable participation in a Karate tournament.


There are at least two tournaments each year, the Ulster Championships and the UKA closed championships. In addition to these the association attends other suitable events throughout Ireland/England and further afield. N Ireland/Ulster squad members are selected to enter the World Children’s/Junior Championships and the seniors are selected to enter the Senior European and World Championship events.


Students will require a karate suit and some protective equipment. UKA can get this for you at wholesale prices from its suppliers in England often at cheaper prices than what you will pay in the local shops. The association badge must be worn on karate-gi’s at all times.

Fees & Costs:

Classes cost £5 per hour for U16yrs and £5.00 per hour for 16yrs +.

Association badges cost £5.

A Karategi (karate suit) will cost approximately £10 for a 10 year old.


There are 6 instructors within the association:

  • Sensei Terence Boyle. Black Belt 6th Dan, IKU World Referee Commission member, Current Karate Northern Ireland Chairman
  • Sensei Liam Haslem. Black Belt 3rd Dan, European All Styles Champion, current N Ireland National Coach.
  • Sensei Gary Toney. Black Belt 3rd Dan. European & World Competitor, IKU Continental Judge, former Karate Northern Ireland Chairman
  • Sensei Jeff Hills. Black Belt 2nd Dan, Former N Ireland National Coach.
  • Sensei Ryan Dickson. Black Belt 1st Dan. European & World Competitor.

All instructors have competed in European & World championships. They have all been teaching/coaching karate for many years. They hold SportUk Coaching Qualifications, Professional Indemnity Insurance and First Aid qualifications.

Sensei Terence P. Boyle 6th Dan

Chief Instructor Ulster Karate Association

Chairman Ulster Karate Council

Chairman Karate Northern Ireland

World Karate Confederation Referee Commission Member & Presidential Board Member